VR for Global Goals

VR for Global Goals is an attempt to sensitize people via virtual reality about the United Nations' Global Goals (also known as the Sustainable Development Goals) and challenges facing our planet Earth. The player goes through various scenes in the experience as part of a virtual tour of the UN Headquarters located in New York City and it ends with an outlandish video.

User Persona

Demographics: People visiting and/or wanting to visit the UN


  • To tour the UN Headquarters.
  • To learn about UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.


  • Want to create a positive impact in their community.
  • Make the planet a better place to live in for their kids.


  • To have an amazing experience during the UN Headquarters' tour.
  • To go back intellectually simulated.


  • How people and governments are neglecting our environment.
  • Not enough efforts being put in to conserve natural resources.
Tools Used

Unity; SteamVR; HTC VIVE


"I am very pleased that I got to work with Dhruv in his last semester in NYU's Integrated Digital Media MS Program. As a student in my Virtual Reality: The Ultimate Display course, Dhruv was curious, motivated, and an excellent (and entertaining!) presenter. His application of high level critical design methodology to VR user experience development was impressive. I appreciate his understanding of the iterative creative process, and his ambitious approach to working with emerging technologies, like VR, to address pressing environmental issues threatening our present and future. Dhruv was committed to sensitizing people to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and through research, compassion, and a willingness to “dive into” the VR medium, he was very successful. I give my highest recommendation of Dhruv to any team looking to bring him on as a designer. He is not afraid to tackle challenging issues with sound strategy and abundant energy and optimism."
- Carla Gannis, Industry Professor, New York University