Grand Slam Fitness

I was faced with the challenge of revamping the brand’s perception for Grand Slam Fitness' 25th anniversary. After due ideation and prototyping, I came up with a new design scheme and implemented it on their e-commerce platform, thereby successfully increasing their customer base.

Grand Slam Fitness
Color Palette



Technical Languages Utilized


Tools Used

WordPress; Adobe Dreamweaver; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop

Iteration - III
Iteration - II
Grand Slam Fitness
Grand Slam Fitness
Iteration - I
Grand Slam Fitness
Grand Slam Fitness

"When I first met Dhruv, he was in engineering school and still finding his element as a designer and developer. In the 3 years of working together on several projects, I have seen Dhruv evolve in both elements, namely design, and technology. As a Harvard and Babson alum, I have seen the same zeal in him that I witnessed in several of my classmates and people in the schools I have studied it. When I interact with Dhruv, I am reminded of students from fellow Ivy league colleges and top-tier institutions. Dhruv has a similar passion to build, to start from scratch and to keep doing it over and over again till he attains perfection. He is spirited and has a vision second to none. I have never faced a challenge in communicating with Dhruv. His hold on language, tech talk, and design understanding are all above standard. When I placed him in a room with a popular consultant based out of Singapore, to discuss a project being undertaken by me, Dhruv did more than just impress her with his work’s worth. I remember her acknowledging his effortless communication to not only understand her point of view but also to convey his ideas and thoughts. Dhruv is an experimental maverick, a genius who doesn’t know that he’s better than most. To be able to understand technology as he does and to use it parallel to modern design is no small task."
- Prateek Sood, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Grand Slam Fitness