Celebrating Failure

Celebrating Failure

Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Date: August 2017
Pages: 124

ISBN-10: 1947586262
ISBN-13: 978-1947586260
Dimensions: 5"×8"


“From epic fail to happily ever after”
~ The New Indian Express

Overnight sensations do not become literally so overnight; virtuosos are not always born so; and success… well, there never really is such a thing as success without having tasted the bitter fruit of failure.

This book celebrates ten such moments of failure that drove ten different individuals to cut new paths for themselves. Celebrating Failure chronicles the lives, journeys and major failures of these people from different walks who were once rejected or told that their ideas or talents weren’t good enough, only to break away from such negative molds and assumptions to be who they are today.

The following people's narrative awaits you:

  • Anupama Joshi (First female Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force)
  • Arunabh Kumar (Founder and The Chief Experiment Officer, The Viral Fever Media Labs)
  • Nehha Bhatnagar (Youngest arts impresario in India)
  • Rahul Arya (India's first sand artist)
  • Archy Jay (India's first female bagpipe artist)
  • Diwakar Vaish (Creator of India's first dancing robot, India's first 3D-printed robot, India's first mind-controlled robot and the world's first brain controlled wheelchair)
  • Alisha Abdullah (India's first female national racing champion)
  • Varun Rajput (Founder, producer and guitarist, Antariksh)
  • Mithali Raj (Captain, Indian female cricket team)
  • Kunal Arora (Founder, The Education Tree)

Failure is something inevitable; if we want to achieve something in life then we have to exponentially increase our failure rate.

For those who have an open mind for new ideas, who seek to create long lasting success, the book offers you a challenge.

From now, start celebrating failure.

Maybe, just maybe, the greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail.

May failure be with you!